So much of nothing. I'm glad Kat's all better. I want more something. Not sure what the something is. It's one of those I'll know it when it happens things? The limbo is irritating. And unsettling. I'm writing short sentences. Again, unsettling. I'm not appreciating the short sentences.

Timmeh and I went to the Moon Cafe last night. We were hungry. It was open, and we didn't have to wait for a table. It's more homey looking than it used to be. That said, the last time I went to there was when the really bad skinny chinese waitress from Singapore was there. This would have been early 2006? She was the epitome of what a bad waitperson is, and an SPG (read Sarong Party Girl) - only she was indiscrimate on whether her was fawning over an anglo-looking male or female. The decor is semi-similar, they've decked out the rear dining area with a couple of couches and arm chairs creating a bit more of a relaxed, chill space. And they've up their prices a little and now have a larger drinks menu - mostly devoted to alcoholic beverages.

I ordered a large serve of the baby calamari, and Timmeh chose the chicken parmagiana and spaghetti. The food was decent, but not quite good enough to be good. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't good - it's like it was a little bit short of good. The serve of baby calamari should have been described more as a large serve of shoestring fries, (not-so-generously) topped with deep fried baby calamari slices served with mixed salad greens and funky dressing. Oh and decent dipping sauce. The chicken parmagiana and spaghetti was as decent chicken parmagiana and spaghetti is, nicely cooked fillet of chicken topped with tomato paste and cheese, a-top spaghetti napolitana, served with mixed salad greens with funky dressing. I'm not sure what made up the salad dressing, but it had a tart, sharp mustard like twang - I'm undecided if it was pleasant. Beverage wise, I had a chocolate coke (read: coke with chocolate sauce at the bottom of the glass) and Timmeh had his standard Coopers which at the Moon is classed as a "premium" beer. Hehehehehe. All bitching aside, the service we received was prompt. Not the most cordial or polite, but it was most definitely prompt.

I'd say service at the Moon Cafe would be rated as like watching all of the Lord of the Rings (trilogy) at once on DVD, with a bowl of nice popcorn, only to find out you fell asleep through the bit where Gimli tells Aragon to toss him and not to tell the elf. And waking up to find your friends ate all your popcorn. Overall good, but some bits like nice-ness quotient can definitely be improved upon. 5 colours of the rainbow.

Food I would rate as trying on, loving and buying an awesome dress at the store, only to find out that you look like a baby beached whale - not quite a beached whale, but now you know why you fell guilty everytime you have a whole family sized chocolate bar. Okay, but not really good, but you've rationalised and know it was ok, given what it is. 4 colours of the rainbow, with a views of the 5th.

I would have loved to linger a little longer after dinner, but we had to go home to feed the meow-lings. I would rate the Moon Cafe as somewhere that looks like a great place to chill at, grab a couple or three of beverages and chat about the procrastinations of tomorrow. I wouldn't go there for a good feed, unless everything else was closed.

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