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It appears the blogger phrase to use to describe my lack of posts is I've "been on hiatus". I haven't really, I just never got around to it. There've been heaps of topics that have crossed my mind where I've thought, "yeah, I want to really expand on that. Share my view and all that". It just never quite happened. I've been wonderfully bloggerly slothy.

Big smiles. Timmeh got me roses. He gets me flowers now and again, and it always makes me smile and misty eyed; but this time I got pink-red roses. They looked awesome and smelt awesome - even more so now that I've dried them! I love the spontaneity. He doesn't get me flowers on special occasions, but just whenever. It's always unexpected and makes for a smiley pleasant surprise. It makes it easy to not focus on the scary pile of Timmeh laundry that he hasn't put in the tigger-bin...

Road-trip awesomeness! Took an extended drive one Saturday afternoon, momentary blindfoldedness on my part and all. My man decided it would be sweet to drive to see the Pinnacles - I'd mentioned I'd really wanted to go again. It was sweet. We even got a wee bit misplaced, all half an hours worth. Got really pretty photos. Had a wonderful time. We smiled lots. I loved it - except the bit where the Crows lost and ended up out of the final.

Gave paintball two shots. I didn't suck that bad, but it was only a grand total of about seven minutes that I was on the field. I'm sure I'll be able to manage to do a whole lot worse before I get better. Damn those guns are uncomfortable and make me as unco-ordinated as hell. I'll give it another go when he lets me.

There's been work and then work and then falling into the routine of work. It's become a lot less exciting - I have to admit it, work became a lot less exciting after about 3 days on the job. It keeps me busy which is a plus, so I can't say I want a new job because I've got nothing to do. There's much in the realm of work I could bitch about. I'm good at bitching about things- I usually have valid points too. Yay me. Majority of my gripes fall under the following categories: bullshit, pretense, inequity, inability (read: cause is probably stupidity, laziness of a combination) and blame-shovelling - all of which I'm not a fan of. It frustrates me that poor work ethic and blame-shovelling is so accepted. I've decided to let it not bother me, and adopt the attitude that I'm not paid to manage them, therefore I shall not.

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