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Work made me grumpy. Not the tasks that made work work, but the way some of the people there are. They're so full of themselves they don't listen. They talk at me, leave no pause for my point of view, talk at me some more and then expect me to bend over backwards to try to help them do their jobs - not mine, theirs. It's one thing to be assertive and stubborn, quite another to be obviously dismissive and disrespectful. I'm not good with being ignored or disrespect - I tend to remove myself from the situation and let you wallow in your own fecal matter (read: I don't care either way if you drown in your own excrement).

Timmeh's "planned" for us to adventure to Kalbarri. As I just found out, there isn't a plan, which is disappointing. He said there was a plan about 24 hours ago, but I guess he forgot. Oh well. I'm going to do my darnest to enjoy myself living in a tent far away from home. Neither of us have been all the way up there in our adult lives, so we'll wander about the little town aimlessly and try to enjoy ourselves cos we drove a bloody long way. When all else fails, the stars should look awesome out there! Must remember to bring notebook, dvds and huggable toy!

Routine is poo poo. This wake, go to work, come home wanting to fall over and do not much cycle is boring and annoying the hell out of me. The weekends aren't much better - I want to relax and veg-it and there's constant reminders of the chores to be done. The days just pass me by, and nothing happens. Being bored with all this really annoys me.

See "bored"

I make me proud. In spite of my big big planet-sized suitcase of flaws, I'm proud of me. I'm proud of who I am, what I am and how I am. I know I'm not even where I can be yet, and I'm not afraid of the journey I must take. There is no "there", there's only the journey.

Conversations with friends have definitely emphasized how fortunate I am with the decisions I've made, who I am and what I have. Even though it doesn't look like it, I've made some tough decisions and had some conversations I'll never forget. I like to see it all as almost my rite of passage to learning who I am. Some of my friends are still stuggling with their choices or trying to convince themselves that they even have a choice. I've learnt that the people around you that truly care and have your best interests in mind would never want you miserable. I hope they find the strength to so what's right for them.

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