Another new job. Sounds awful when I say it like that. I might have found something I half (at least!) enjoy. All this working full time is.. worky really. Spent almost a year in the first job, three months in the second and I'm into my third week of this one. Not ages, but long enough for me to feel like I've been there a really long time, and for everyone to seem to regard me as having been there a really long time.

There are heaps of people traits that annoy me. I've realised it's always the same things that irritate me; incompetence that is result of laziness, and shirking of responsibility. Some people I know will say it's because Australians in general embrace mediocrity. There was time I would have agreed without a thought, but it's one of those things.. the ones where a rotten smelly egg (or apple or whatever rotten thingy you like) spoils the bunch. And it's super-obvious in a small workspace.

I'm wondering now, which is worse, the Australians that do embrace mediocrity and can't be bothered to do anymore for themselves but complain that they'd been hard done by? Or the people that believe that Australians embrace mediocrity and therefore themselves don't have to strive for anything more and have become nothing more than pathetic? Attributing blame for your circumstance to anyone other than yourself is sad and cowardly. Staying in a job you're unsatisfied with trying to make yourself out to be a martyr by staying in a job claming they "need" you is the same thing. If you're unwilling or too damned lazy or afraid to make the change you want, you deserve your mediocrity. I learnt that. Lay blame where you like, it's never going to change that you're the one in charge of your happiness.

I digress, but I like where I am. Job satisfaction is a huge part of this chapter of my at present, poorly chronicled existance. I spend more than 8 hours of my awake time at work, so I'd really rather I enjoyed it. Maybe I even enjoy the poopy bits - when they're sufficiently spaced. There's nothing worse than being in a job that provides no challenge. Being bored at work is awful, it's worse than being angry; at least with being angry there's emotion - you know you're feeling. Bored is just emptiness, nothing, space. The void just breeds voidyness and voidyness breeds little voidy blocks that run around and stick the empty void in your face. It's all bad.

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