10:12 pm

All the time, all those thoughts, they wander and rush and linger and pop and crackle and creep about my mind. Never stopping, no rest. And I'm not even wicked. I've had little but much to be bothered with the last few of them 24-hours. I have opinons, view and many of them aren't fleeting. Not callous, not gibber jabber. Real thoughts, real opinions about serious topics of debate and discussion. Completely unsure of sharing them, afraid of judgment? Very possibly. And at the same time they make me who I am. My actions, my perspectives, my thoughts and my biases. Perhaps the hesitation is positive, there is no need to bare myself to the great big world.

There is no need for such transprancy. People don't need to know that much about me, and how my mind works. The world at large needs not such great understanding of who I am. It's not about whether or not people care, but more to do with me keeping perspective that there is no need for them to know that much. Keeping to the adage of "knowledge is power", there is no need for me to strip myself before the world. There is no degredation in exposure, but the more there is, on some level maybe some of me disappears, unravels. Not quite a rant, not quite a ramble.

I've given it some considerable thought in the last two minutes, a huge part of me feels the need to speak my mind and slowly strip myself and maybe even eventually leave my carcass exposed to the world. But the question begs, "but why?" and "to what end?" I have come to the realisation that there is no need or benefit, it won't leave me in a different place to where I began.

My mind will continue to race, and my thoughts will continue to strike chords and the world will continue to leave me wanting.

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