We had a plan. The plan was Pizza Bellaroma. There was a 15-foot queue and I couldn't spot any of the usual wait staff.. and there were empty tables.. Milled about in queue for a bit but no one from the bistro was taking any interest in the queue.. and there were empty tables. Not a good sign.

Decided to give Little Creatures a go. Timmeh hadn't dined there, and I haven't yet had a mediocre experience - Perth is full of mediocre dining experiences and ridiculously shoddy wait staff. It was bustle-eee, we requested a twin table and waited with a gold "Little Grommit" party hat.

Didn't take long. We were at a bench just in from the wharfy dining area, had pale ale ordered. Chilli and tomato mussels were go, and a took a chance with marinated kangaroo with bush tomato chutney and what turned out to be awesome frites.

The chilli and tomato mussels were pretty much the yummiest I've had in ages. A good splash of chilli and awesome mix of flavours. It was spicy, just the right spicy. *smile* The kangaroo was presented on skewers, and a small bowl of decent chutney. I've decided I'm not big on chutney, but was damn good chutney.

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