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The name rang a bell, I don't know her or anything .. she's some chick that does recipes in the local paper and other places. A few minutes ago Donna Hay was on the morning show doing a segment on "cheater's pie".

It was wrong of me to refer to her as a chick, she's more an old boiler. She looked huge! Huge like a disco ball in the tight, clingy silver emsemble that looked much like a twin-set. Her hair and face glistening with what looked like grease. Any motivation I had to consume food has ebbed, much like my inclination for pies. The pies on her segment looked good, but if there's any chance at all that I could end up looking like her - even in a parallel universe- because I had one of those pies... Hell no! And on national telly to boot!

Telly cooks need to look good. It's all about the packaging. Nigella Dawson.. now there's an attractive looking package. She's not petite or small by any measure, the grub she has on her show looks lush and "hay" does she looks awesome! This coming from a chick that's not a fan of the "larger-greek-goddess" style woman.. It's all in the presentation my dear Watson.

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