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There's something about fat women that scares me. I wish I could say I wasn't sure what it was about them.

For one, I'm terribly afraid I'm going to wake up one morning and be disgustingly fat like they are. I'm pretty sure I have a bad case of fat phobia. I already look in the mirror and see fat, wobbly bits I would love to have hoovered off.

Then there's the "facts" that they use to make themselves feel better about their pathetic state. The ones about "the average Australian woman is a size 14 and about 165cm tall", and that "men like bigger girls anyway". Spin it however you want, there's nothing attractive about blubber, and worse short, fat blubber. Really, size 14 is pretty damned huge - especially if you're only 165cm tall.

And then, oh lordy, the fat chicks that think they aren't and wear clothing that's obviously too small. Just because the zip or buttons will do up and scream as they strain to hold together or that the seams don't pop and rip, doesn't mean the piece of clothing is your size. Muffin tops are only great looking atop muffins, and tyres look pretty sweet on vehicles, not around the tummy or hanging over leg-wear. I sometimes see a bit of muffin over my jeans and it's enough to make me not eat anything for the rest of the day.

I'm not saying it's just the morbidly obese fat chicks that make you want to scoop your eyeballs out with a ragged piece of tree bark.. there are heaps of fat girls that simply don't think they're fat. They think just because they can fit into a size 10 or 12 piece of clothing that they aren't fat. The bit they don't seem to consider is that not too long ago they were several sizes smaller. They've just literally gone disgustingly pear-shaped. These women are the ones that really cause retinal damage. They live in their delusion that they can still dress like they're Christina -Dirrty- Aguilera when she wore those chaps. Just because you have a boyfriend that says he love you, doesn't mean you can let yourself become a jiggley, wobbly, unattractive lump with feet. There'll be a moment when he sees you and it clicks that as much as he loves you, you're just physically repulsive - you no longer look anything like the woman he met, just some fat, blobby thing that has a similar face.

What seems to be the latest article of clothing maimed by snow-women is the pinafore-style dress with what seems to be a bit of an empire line cut and buttons on the shouder staps. I don't know why but the fatties seem to think it's a flattering look on them. It really isn't. the bias of the lower neckline does flatter the big bust that fat girls usually have, but the dresses they pick often look a size too small - read: they fill out middle section of the dress with their huge protruding stacked tyre style stomachs so all that's accomplished is a very pregnant look - just without the nice roundness of a real pregnant belly. Not flattering. This brings me back to my take on "just cos it fits doesn't mean it looks good".

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  1. Mirebella Says:

    ooh, good one. i know what i mean here. i get paranoid everytime i wear that pinafore dress coz it doesnt really give you a waist line and i feel so conscience. mind you, im 5'3 and a size 8/10.

    the reverse to the aneroxia perhaps ;)

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