6:53 pm

Had a conversation that seriously stated the obvious and it makes so much sense I went "woooo!". It went something like that:
Mate: But that's just silly and such a bitchy, brainless thing to do.
Me: I didn't get it either, but hey better to not be there to see it.
Mate: OMG I just realised it takes on to know one. F**k
Me: Errr yeah. I don't follow, think I'm having a stupid moment.
Mate: I just called myself bitchy and brainless cos it takes one to know one.
Me: Hahahahahahha. Too true
Mate: Think of all the evil things we think / say about people.. we can't really label them unless we are those munted f**ked up things.
Me: Scary thought. But totally true.

Boys call each other ar**holes and wankers and bastards and well all sorts of festive things both in jest and in all punch-you-in-the-face seriousness.
Girls seem to have more of a list of labels for positive and negative.. they're quite separate. Does that mean girls are more evolved and actually are the characters they try to stick on others?

Nothing written for ages. I can't seem to be bothered - so many random thoughts, too much can't be bothered-ness. Lots and nothing has happened, life goes on. Wooo! For life.

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  1. sugarmouse Says:

    you should keep tabs... idk. every time i feel like i couldn't be bothered, i go back and read my old stuff and then i'm like; i gotta do better at writing! lol.

    but if you're busy living life then that's good too ;)

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