There's been a lot going on lately, some little things some not so little. Still top of the list is the fires that are devastating country Victoria.

They're calling it bushfires, but sadly some of the blazes have been lit by arsonists. It's the worst bushfire disaster in Australia - ever. The death toll is closing in on 200, heaps of homes destroyed and over 5000 people are now homeless. Strong winds and sweltering 45C+ heat have aided the nightmare of fire storms, destroying whole country towns and properties.

* All images from the ABC
The people of Australia have banded together on this one, with millions collected in mere days. No donation is too small - please help if you can. The Australian Red Cross has set up the Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009 to assist the families and communities affected. You can donate online, or at many of your local stores, supermarkets of banks.

I've been overwhelmed and inspired by how much Australians are willing to do to help, I'm more proud than ever to be a part of this lucky country.

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