I'm not in the mood to write, but I don't want to forget so in brief:

My man took me on a dinner date last night, just down the road to the Karalee. Yeah, we could have walked, but then he would have had to tell me where we were going.. Great company, really good food and cadbury girl had serious giggles from the red. We totally under estimated the food - I had the swordfish which was moist, flavourful and wonderfully wrapped in proccuitto served atop tender brocollini and asparagus spears. Tim had the roasted pork belly that had crackle to rival the stuff his mum makes! It was a solid cube of gorgeously tender pork belly served with sauteed potato and asparagus spears. Least to say, it's on our list of places to go back to.

Tonight, I tossed together some rustic but healthy surf and turf with seasoned pan-fired sirloin and a stirfry of shrimp, snowpeas and water chestnut. It was so good, it didn't last long enough for me to find the camera - hahahaha I really like shrimp! Pity they're such a hassle to clean, and smell so icky when they're raw..

Until next time.

Oh and I still need to fix this template..


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