I'm beginning to feel like a regular to our preferred Dim Sum joint in Northbridge. I've had three weekend brunches in the last month there and I might actually being getting a bit sick of it. The food is pretty good, but we all know too much of a good thing causes a serious case of "jerlak". Shook it up a little with Bean today, none of the typical siew mai and har kows. We had scallop dumplings, prawn and chives dumplings, deep fried prawns and a heap of other stuff. Dim Sum is definitely better in groups of four or more just so I can pick more dishes and not feel like I'm full just looking at the variety on the table. But I'm not up for any more Dim Sum for at least the next three weeks.

I wandered about the Karrinyup shops yesterday and impulse bought myself a Nintendo Wii. Okay it was a tiny bit deliberate.. I thought I wanted one last Wednesday.. and thanks to A2 at work who brought in a heap of toy catalogues on Thursday just to prove to me that it was cheap enough to not worry about, I knew it was on sale at BigW. BigW does instill "the fear" still, but hey it's not like I was going to linger. And it was the Karrinyup shops, it's not like I had to go to somewhere like Belmont that attracts society's miscreants - I think I've been there once, it was .... not comfortable. As it turns out, I didn't even have to brave the aisles of BigW (yay!) - I chanced the Home Entertainment department and DJs and the guy said they did indeed sell the Wii, and were matching the offer they'd seen in the BigW catalogue! Big Yay!

And and and! I caught up with the new mummy and Eeeevy, Timmeh got back from his trip yesterday evening and I got new PA PJs. Should I feel proud that he bought me clothing I didn't ask for, it fits great and I like the print? I am I am. I got a massive hug and smooches at the airport, and he remembered to get me a glazed blueberry doughnut. Yesterday was a pretty good day :) I shopped, I got a new toy and a cute bikini, my boy came home and I was happy.

After stuffing ourselves silly with yummy Dim Sum, we dropped in on Egg. OMG she's all grown up and gorgeous as ever! Hungover, but gorgeous nonetheless! Here's the good part, I resisted buying orange and pink maryjane Crocs at DJs (pats self on back) even though I'd somehow managed to convince myself I really really really really really wanted them, oh and they were on sale. Fifteen minutes later, rationality won over impulse wanting and strangers telling me I could pull off wearing them, and I walked away with my head held high, in my year-old (but still awesome!) slim animal print havaianas. Part of me does wonder what might have been... Oh another good part, I added the Wii Fit to my list of purchases and Bean got MBean the new Wii Guitar Hero.

I'm home now. Beach plans for next weekend and maybe more BH90210.. or a mid week musical.. Life can be not so great sometimes, but it sure make the smiles mean a whole lot more.

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