stuff that came up in conversation today:

- That dude is a total closet geek! Actually, maybe he already wears the geek badge..?
- I drink way too much Coke Zero.
- Simplicity sometimes seems so complicated.
- The value of the Australian dollar.
- Poor M is totally stressing and I'm not sure why. All M has to do is not worry and not think she's stupid, because she's not. It'd work out over time.
- I have serious dexterity issues, I need to be able to nicely paint my fingernails.
- M2 at work decided to tell us that women that had small boobs and are now new mums end up with huge boobs. Seriously.
- I might actually like this sales game.
- I'm realizing what's important.
- There are some really bad German jokes out there.
- Jade is the most talkative kitten I've ever met.
- The new Macbook Pros are awesome! The new Macbooks are not :(
- Still keeping a blog is retro sad, especially the personal type -so yeah, I'm retro sad. boo hoo
- The south of the river being better than north of the river.
- How the weather will be awesome this weekend.
- Heros Season 3 is dark, wonderfully dark.
- Gossip Girl has stupid fans - and I'm a a stupid fan.
- Ugly Betty has fans more stupid than mentally possible.
- I have chinky eyes.

Okay, that wasn't so quick, I rambled on

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  1. Bernie G Says:


    I'm a stupid gossip girl fan tooo!

    Love Bernie

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