Just because I think it's funny at how much of a big deal people make about online anythings. I'd rather not know people that care more about what they read online than real life. Also, I'm too damned tired to bother writing my own post about where and what I've been doing so far on my trip about America.

So here's the now "deleted post" from "http://xiaxue.blogspot.com/2008/06/revelation-of-feelings.html" that I've lifted from google's cache:

"Monday, June 30, 2008

A revelation of feelings
Sorry for the lack in blogging recently. Very busy with writing my movie script!

You know, I've been wanting to blog about this for some time now, and this issue has been bugging me.

Yup, everyone's favourite plastic queen: Dawn Yang.

Dawn has been nothing but nice and sweet to me everytime we met, and she never did do anything to me personally, which is why I've always refrained from saying anything bad about her.

But as time goes by and more and more of her lies are exposed (See here, here and here. I wrote none of these I assure you!), my distaste for her has been increasing - so much so that I am ashamed to admit that I felt glee when I saw her sore eyes. I KNOW! I said I am ashamed!

I can't say I've ever been close to her, but I've certainly shown on my blog that I am neutral (towards liking, perhaps) about her - but I am actually not, and I am sick of pretending! Gotta stop being a hypocrite.

It's just so tough to be mean to someone who is nice to you, you know?

So yup, once and for all, I DO NOT like Dawn.

I've settled into a lum nua position where I don't go to parties anymore, so I guess I won't be seeing her around. If I do, I guess I will run the other direction. OMG I so don't wanna make small talk about my feelings...!

The last straw that broke the camel's (yes la I am that camel) was the Zaobao article that's recently published.

While I am writing scripts, filming, and working 10 hours straight for a decent advertorial (Indulgz!!!), some other talentless schmuck is being compared to me.



I AM A BLOGGER BECAUSE I ACTUALLY WRITE. I may not be Charles Dickens, but at least, I have some semblance of the courage to voice out my opinions - something which bloggers are respected for.

I feel completely disillusioned about being a blogger recently. In fact, I feel EMBARRASSED to tell people I am a blogger.


Any old fart of a cheap whore who posts up their party photos are now all considered bloggers too! What's this? Why do these girls persist in infiltrating every occupation? They are "models", and now, they are "bloggers" too!

I despise being compared to Dawn.

Why should she be a famous blogger?

She's not funny... She's not talented... She's not opinionated.

She's just a consistent and persistent liar. She should be in her right place - at the background where all the other girly cam-whoring bloggers are.

She embarrasses what a blog advertorial ought to look like.

She embarrasses other bloggers who are serious about taking blogging as a full-time job. Think her mentions of brands on her site are coming from her heart? Think again. They are paid unscrupulous businesses who have also approached me, but I turned them down because I INSIST ON SHOWING IT IS A PAID AD. That's blog integrity that every blogger should have.

I've insisted upon it for YEARS, and it has cost me monetary losses. But someone else, someone dishonest, is benefiting from it, yet nobody is faulting her. It greatly saddens me.

Is Angela baby a blogger? She certainly has a blog with a high readership... Nope, she is a model/actress who blogs.

What's Dawn then?

Did she go anywhere with her entertainment career? From 2005 when Jean Marie Tan of The Newpaper prophesized how super shining her stardom's gonna be, Dawn failed to join the Taiwan entertainment industry with a big bang.

She took part in one measly variety show as a random hot chick, after being there for months.

Tinsel management dropped her. (Rumour, but either way, she's not with Tinsel anymore)

She failed to join 9.87 FM as a DJ.

She failed to even get Rozz's part in Girls Out Loud with me.

Can't sing, can't act, certainly can't host. Only can camwhore. My... That's a talent! Maybe she ought to become a blogger!

She's reduced to blogging for Stomp ($2k a month), and churning out crappy ads on her blog for $4-6k a month. Surely that amount (if true at all - more about that later) is shitty for a superstar?

So here's the conclusion:

Dawn's a desperate wannabe who blogs. NOT A BLOGGER.

So for the last time, since I've said so in early 2005 - STOP COMPARING ME TO HER, BECAUSE SHE IS NOT A BLOGGER.

What has all these got to do with ME?


Why? Because, as I said, I am CONSTANTLY being compared to her.

And on what basis am I being compared to her on? HER LIES.

Lies about how she was signed by Jacky Wu, lies about her mega-dollar deals, lies about her salary, lies about her heritage...


People say, Oh Xiaxue! Look at Dawn! People got given an LG phone/whatever product leh! You leh?

I never took up that offer because I personally don't like LG phones (although I'm using the Shine now and it's not bad), and I don't want to get a free gift and not write anything for them.

It's the same for every other product. I am not going to make use of my blog to become a bloody sell-out!

Oh Xiaxue! Look at Dawn! She's earning so much from her blog! Confirm more than you.

She dares to claim $4k to $6k as a stable income for herself, when I know exactly how much those advertorials cost - because the same people also came to me, and couldn't afford my fees.

I can safely tell you that my advertorials cost twice as much as hers, and even I don't dare to claim to earn $2k - $4k (if you minus Stomp) each and every month.

I charge more, because I actually do put in effort into doing up a good advert, and not just flip my hair (extensions) and cut and paste some bullshit from the product's website.

Even if she does earn so much, so what? It only shows that her blog is laden with sneaky hidden advertorials. Kenny limits his advertorials to 2 a month. I think I shall adhere to that from now on too.

Oh Xiaxue! Look at Dawn! Maxim/FHM magazine cover! You?

Riiight... It's totally my fault that my body's not as hot. And honestly, after my disaster of a Maxim shoot from eons ago, I don't give a flying fuck about these men's magazines. It's totally something to be proud of that a girl can only grace magazines when she takes off almost of all of her clothes.

Oh Xiaxue! Dawn is class belle leh. You ugly prefect!

Ooooh. She says she would MUCH rather be the valedictorian!

Oh really? As if she isn't totally pleased with the insinuation that she is pretty.

Just a question, Dawn: If you want to be viewed as smart instead of pretty, then why put so much time, money and effort on your looks, instead of improving your intellect?

C'mon. Perhaps you ought to stop posting so many frivolous party pictures of your lacy upskirts, and instead tell us your opinion on the effects of Bill Gate's resignation from Microsoft?

From her own blog btw

And don't you start saying my blog is completely vapid too. I never said I wanted to be the class valedictorian!

Oh Xiaxue! Dawn got Tiffany gift on V day leh... And First Class tickets to Bali! Finest luxury resorts! What did Mike give you?

I love Mike, and he is actually attractive and younger than say, 40.

But of course, Dawn is single. Because single girls always get woo-ed, and they agree to going on Valentine's Day holidays with weird, rich old men, and of course... they don't fuck.

Nooo.... Girls stay in hotel rooms with guys all the time and they don't fuck.


All these lies, idiotic readers just foolishly believe.

So yup. I've decided I'm bitchy enough for today. No wait. I'm not done.

All I wanna make clear is, I disapprove of lying. And I disapprove of lying even more, when all these lies are being used to compare me and the liar.

There is no comparison. I am awesome and not a talentless schmuck.

I am not so insecure that I have to constantly give off an illusion that I am gorgeous and fabulous all the time. Here's a picture of my ingrown armpit hair just to prove this point:

I seriously took 3 days to DIG this one out man. Dug it with a safety pin! Fucking sick. I feel hatred just looking at how goddamn curly it is!

Yes. I do get ingrown hairs and my contacts, hair, eyelashes, nose, and nails are completely fake! Whatever la! Fake then fake lor, why have to lie and pretend otherwise?

p/s: In the same article where Dawn expressly stated her pay, Nuffnang's competitor also talked about how many bloggers they have under them. While Nuffnang told the truth, the competitor, I heard, highly jacked up their numbers.

This makes Nuffnang look shitty. Can you imagine how Nuffnang feels? That's right baby, EXACTLY how I feel towards Dawn.

p/p/s: I'm glad that most people on Alvinology think I'm chioer. Ahem!

I'm totally going to do the fake speech of... Honestly, I'd much rather be the class valedictorian! I mean, like I wish I was smarter instead of chioer than Dawn!! Seriously!

As for my boobs...? Thanks! They are au naturale but squeezed to within an inch of their lives with the chicken fillet bra!

Ahem. I'm not trying to hint anything, but I wish that I had Dawn's boobs! Maybe I oughta make an incision where her brown armpit line is, and insert some implants.

No, really! I've seen some girl's boob job incision scar, and that's where is it! But Dawn's can't be fake because she is of Dutch/Thai/Jap parentage and people of that heritage tend to have humongous tits.

Random photo of me before tongue piercing

But is it random?

It could be, or it could be that I'm getting to fish compliments of how chio (photoshopped, of course) I look compared to that specially chosen horrid photo of Dawn. You'll never know!! Hahaha!!"

And I'm pretty sure you've realized by now that I wasn't going to waste my time with matching formatting and pictures. If you're really interested, here's xiaxue and dawnyang on the www:

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