I had a brief conversation with Pingy the other night on msn and the recent overdramatization of the latest "Xiaxue vs Dawn" saga made me wonder if we could make a living posting random nothings and posting it all online and getting paid for it. Pingy is of the opinion that she isn't opinionated enough to be a "blogger" like Xiaxue (XX) or Dawn (D), I on the other hand possibly have delusions of grandeur? There is a possibility though that I need to live in the little sandbox that is Singapore for my not-so-moderate views to be offensive enough to the locals and have them think wee 'ol me a little controversial.

I'm not attempting to mudsling or annoy anyone, but I really don't get what it is about XX or Ds' blogs that make them so special. I'll be honest, XX makes me laugh at Singaporean life, and who doesn't appreciate a good laugh? XX reminds me a little of what it was like at school, the petty nonsense that we made a huge deal about and the swanning over the latest cutesy crazes. I don't really have an strong opinion about D's online presence, I don't appreciate the plasticity so I don't buy what she's selling and so can't be arsed paying attention. But the question still stands, what makes them special? What is it about them that makes them popular? Who is their audience? Singaporeans? Malaysians? There are countless blogs online all over the world that are just as, if not more (?) interesting, funny, or thought provoking. I know I read kennysia.com, but that's because I remember the guy from uni and it's a great way of being a busybody and seeing what he's up to - I have to say it is a little bit of a pity that he's had to moderate his content just because his site is popular.

I've always perceived blogging as a mechanism for me to express what I feel about anything and everything, when I can be bothered to write it. I have to admit that I before clarasays.blogspot.com I chose to remain completely anonymous and the various blogs I've had over the years were.. I'm not sure what they were about, but there was a lot of random emo-stye crap. That said, I'm not sure if much has changed. I still tend to write mostly when I'm sad, angry, confused, making anti-fat quips and ranting about how the world is a shitty place.

So here I am sitting at Midway airport in Chicago on Independence Day doing my spiel when I really should be figuring out my itinerary for when I get to Washington DC... ooo time to board. Until later.

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