Horoscopes are usually a good source of amusement over Sunday breakfast. The Sunday Times provides two readings, one from the Sunday Times Magazine (STM)and the other from the "Health" liftout. Surprisingly they made us laugh this morning...

Starwatch in STM: "Scorpios sometimes find it difficult to distinguish right from wrong. That's not because they lack a moral compass. It's just because they are always right. They have, therefore, a very limited experience of what anything wrong actually feels like. So, are you right or wrong about a pressing matter? There's only one way to answer that. Ask yourself! Some while ago you lost faith in a particular plan or idea. It turns out, though, that you were wrong to think you were wrong. Actually you were right."

Your Stars in STM Body + Soul: "Everything seems to be limited at the moment, especially your own time. You'd rather be at work when you're at home and vice versa. Time with family and loved ones is beneficial this week. Do a financial overhaul and cleanup your social life - anyone weighing you down needs to go."

The convoluted babble from Starwatch made sense in a roundabout kind of way, just like how on somedays I find it difficult to tell right from left - usually when I'm trying to navigate someone else on the road.. I point right and say turn left (hahahaha!) The forecast in Body + Soul made a good call about the time being limited, I'm running out of time to figure out my itinerary! Yikes! And the social life thing, awesome - the ridding of elements of my non-social life, all the stuff that makes me feel non-social.

Ooo and last night we glimpsed some stars high up in the sky, only for a second and the clouds came back with more rain! It was a great call to come home from camping in Dwellingup... waking up in a pond would have not been great ;)

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