I always seem to say, "Geez! It's been a shocker of a week/day/month!", and more often than not it's about work. Okay, not more often than not, it's always about work. I work pretty damned hard at work. I'm one of those people that just works hard at work, I'm not sure why. It's like I have an inherent inability to slack off, it's very frustrating. And add to that, I don't tolerate incompetence well, and I don't suffer fools well either. Oh and I don't appreciate people taking their bloody sweet time pretending to get things done.

I don't pretend to not be demanding, or picky, pedantic. I am, I am and I often am. I'd like to think I expect the same from others as I expect of myself. It's not an unrealistic expectation.. or is it?

June is only a month and a half away, and my trip is only a two months away. I can't wait to not have to go to this job. I can only hope I have another lined up before I get back. I'm excited, scared, happy, worried and confused all at the same time. Excited about the travel, and seeing of new places and the doing of new things. Scared of the unknown, the "what-if"s - yeah cowardly lion I know! Happy that I'm finally really travelling all by myself. Worried about everything I'm scared of, what what I'm fool-hardy about. Confused at the emotions and non-emotions.

I wonder what about a job would make me stay and give it a real shot at becoming a career. Money is always a factor, it should never be the deciding factor, but it sure is an in-your-face factor. Being happy about being there more than 50% of the time would be pretty damned important. Having a boss I respect both in the capacity of person and position would be a big plus - I wonder how much I would care for me as a boss...

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