11:46 pm

I had a peek through the open door this morning. Had an invite to a quick breakfast chat with a chap about a thing. It's the first time ever I've had a heads up on an opportunity and been given the chance to decide if I was interested. All it takes is for one person that matters to think well of me - evidently.

I appreciate the opportunity, but it does look like a slightly downward numerical shift - financially anyway. It's by no means in the bag, there's still the official hoops and dog and pony show to tippy toe my way through. Is it worth it? How important is money? Is it something I really want to do? More of the same? How will I know if it'd be any better? Will I want to stay? The thought does linger in my mind.. the one that says, "maybe there's room for negotiation..?" There might not be much, but an equal package to where I am will sufficiently cover that issue that is the dollar.

I want to say yes. I'm not sure why. For the hell of it? Because it's something new? The actual cohesive perception that it's a positive opportunity? I have till the weekend to decide. Right this moment, I think I should give it a go. Try to hop and skip through a couple of hoops, and if I get as far as dollar talks... be firm on the minimum I know I'm worth. Should I dance to the tune of "Nothing to Lose?"

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