The week. Finally. It's been busy and stupidly grumble generating. I don't think I was so much stressed as just grumpy about all the silly things that should have been simple but were made not. People are strange creatures.

Shopping made everything better, it has to my one of my favourite methods of "de-stressing". The only downside to it this moment, is it re-emphasizes to me that I've gotten chubby and clothes don't fit like they used to.. in the size that I'm used to picking up. But it does make me feel better - must be the walking!

Sushi dinner with a view at Kings Park with Timmeh. The simple things. Yarr. We get to be just us, and actually have conversation. It's pleasant. I like it.

Today was much the same. The simple things.

Oooh I drove. In a car. All by myself.

The beach. Met Bruce. The water was refreshing. The OB for a drink. Now.. off to the ballet.

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