I don't reflect much. Who am I kidding, I think about my thoughts a lot, sometimes so much I cease to function like a normal android of society. The last couple of years or five seem to have all melted into one really long amalgamated glob of time.

2007 was a lot of things:

+ the year I was properly introspective and learnt about myself without being destructive

+ the year my parents and I properly discussed our relationship and aired our feelings

+ the year I moved in with Timmeh and realised I can share a space without feeling manically claustrophobic

+ the first time I'd ever quit a job properly

+ the first time I'd ever quit two jobs properly in a year and managed to work out a decent payrise

+ the one where I turned 25 and had a truly, badly, shite day where there was work, arguments, mood swinging and feeling like I was worth less than pond scum. An experience I never want to repeat, but you never appreciate your highs until you've hit the bottom of the fucking evil proverbial barrel

+ the first time I think I've ever fallen in love (*blush)

+ the one where I've learnt I can live out of a suitcase - just buy stuff a lot!

+ the year I really moved countries and feel like I've found where I'm meant to be, and it doesn't matter where it is

+ the one where I've learnt that no matter how hard I am on myself for being a complete and abject failure, I'm really not; I'm pretty damn brilliant and just need to work on not eating everything that looks yummy and hating on myself

+ the year that taught me to believe rather than just know it's absolutely fine to be me, and that I'm good enough and anyone that doesn't agree doesn't matter

+ the one where I've acknowledged there really isn't anything to life, it's just one day after another

+ the first time I've travelled anywhere with anyone that wasn't family

+ the first time I've ever truly understood what it meant to be "lonely"

+ the one where I've made some friendships that I hope will last my lifetime

I'm sure the lessons learnt will repeat themselves if I live past today. Tomorrow is another day, just like the next minute will be my next. Being happy is a choice, I'm working on never forgetting that. Everything and every situation has a positive and a negative and there's no reason to pick what hurts.


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