Don't you ever see photos of women with smokin' hot bodies and then think, "pity about the face"? Or is it just me being my wonderful, (currently miserable) bitchy self? Maybe some faces just don't appeal to me.

It's not like I have the face of a goddess with awe-inspiring beauty and so have been bestowed with the tall pedestal from which to judge all before me, but I'd like to think I wasn't hit too hard with the ugly stick. I just have a masculine jawline, flat button nose, slitty eyes.... hahahaahahaha

This girl has photos that display a body that would make any fat girl envious and almost contemplate suicide, until you notice her face. I don't know, it's not that she's hideous or even ugly, it's just something about it that justs turns me off. It's not even like a traffic accident, where you just have to look. It's more a case of, nothing doing, lets move on.

I don't often feel nonchalance about people with beautiful bodies much, they usually have unique, if not, beautiful faces to match. The kind where you do a double take.. like Kendra Wilkinson and Freddie Ljungberg. I can't believe I think a guy named "Freddie" is so hot I could burn to a crisp - hahahahaahaha.

Sorry love, you're probably a beautiful person, but I reckon your face just lets your body down. Good luck with it.

3 Responses to "pity about the face"

  1. sid Says:

    LOL! I have often thought this. Of course if God did bestow on her a beautiful face and body I would have wanted to shove the biatch in front of a bus.

  2. So@24 Says:

    Oooooh. You're right! You're totally right!

    We call those types Butter Faces.

    Get it?

    Everything is hot "But-her-face."

    We're dicks.

  3. as clara is Says:

    sid --- A bus is pretty harsh, but that said, why damage your car when you can get public transport to do it for you.. Some girls have all the luck :D

    so@24 --- Sometimes I wonder why I feel so mean even when I'm right.. until I remember how much I enjoy being a bitch. Butter Faces.. hehehehe. I like it. I'm more a cnut, cos I don't have a dick and am being a good girl and not using serious profanity. Heh.

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