A lazy morning, had a giant lay-in till mostly past 11am, in all honesty it was minutes to noon. Tummy grumbles not withstanding, I'm determined to eat real food again - the diet of gastrolyte and water is not making me smile.

Thoughts about food, thoughts of breakfast options. Few places did all-day breakfasts anymore, so Vans was the place to go. I used to love the place, the service used to be mostly passable, the breakfast foods decent. Vroom-vroom I got to drive.

I was surprised at how many tables were available at Vans - it's full name is Vans Sidewalk Cafe, at just past half noon on a Sunday afternoon. I used to be a regular, having breakkie or brunch there almost every weekend about a year ago. It was my local.. I lived across the street. We settled at a table "outside" on the sidewalk where for the next ten minutes we were ignored by two waitresses who had disheveled hair and dirty-looking aprons - they just walked right by without a smile, glance or any form of acknowledgement. It was impossible that they didn't notice us, they'd served tables to either side of us. I decided that we should leave, so our meal at Vans Sidewalk Cafe was a non-event; and no we didn't even get as far as seeing menus. I could launch into how shabby the table service is at Vans or how they might want to consider actually hiring trained staff, or how they might want to consider that their staff should maintain a passable level of attire (read: not filthy); but what's the point? I'm pretty sure I won't go back there. That said, if you want to experience not being acknowledged or even noticed at an eatery, I encourage you to go to Vans Sidewalk Cafe: their location - 1 Napoleon St Cottesloe 6011 WA.

We did end up having a great afternoon at an eatery by the ocean... writing about it in the same post as the shabby Van Sidewalk Cafe, would sully the experience.

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